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Fundación Médica de Río Negro y Neuquén

Fundación Médica de Río Negro y Neuquén, a Medical Foundation of the argentine provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén is a scientific non-profit institution strongly oriented towards research, education and the support of the less favored segments of the region’s population, through the implementation of joint programs together with local public organisms.
The Foundation provides high-end diagnosis and therapy (oncologic) since 1989, the most up to date in Patagonia.
Since its beginning, the Foundation runs a Residency Training Program in Diagnostic Imaging together with La Plata University (accredited by CONAU, a local public university education commission, in 1999).
In support of scientific and education development, the Foundation cooperates with Comahue National University, participating in the education and training of its medical students and graduates.
A Cardiology Residency Training Program takes place in our Foundation since 2005, accredited by Comahue National University’s Medical School.
In addition to other activities, Seminars and Courses are permanently organized by the Foundation, covering Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiology, Radiotherapy, Urology, Nursing  and Emergentology, among others.
Our socially oriented cooperation programs have reached thousands of children in preschool ages, providing medical assistance, the development of bonds between the Foundation and the educational community and the implementation of a Cardiovascular Pathology Prevention Program in the south line.
Since 1998, physical activity is encouraged as prevention for cardiovascular diseases by means of our Step by Step Program, together with other social and cultural activities.

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